Kart-on V.3 What’s New !?

Kart-On Grocery Delivery App

Kart-on Grocery Delivery App V.3 is full of new features making it easier than ever to complete your orders with fewer clicks.  Our main goal is to enable our users to place their orders as fast as possible. However with over 3000 different products available on our platform and more to come;

Voice Search:

Our smart voice search assistance will enable users to perform more complex search queries using everyday natural language, we currently support English, other languages like Arabic is currently under development.

Users can simply say “find me water, KitKat, and fresh bananas “. our engine will understand that Water is a product category, KitKat is a brand specifically a Chocolate brand  & fresh bananas is a product under Fruits category. Then the A.I engine kicks in and compose a virtual list with all those products and display it to the user to choose from.

Manually user would have to go to 3 different categories to be able to see and select those products.

Kart-On Grocery Delivery App Voice Search

Barcode Scanner:

If the user needed to re-order a specific item, simply he/she may scan the product barcode. if the product is available at the selected store. The user will be redirected to the product details page. This feature makes it faster and easier to reorder a specific product.

Personalized Recommendations

Our A.I engine will customize the suggestion page (Landing Page) for each individual user based on his/her orders history. Displaying related products and suggesting new products that users may like but are not aware of it. Again, the goal here is to enable fast checkout. we are continually updating and teaching our A.I new ways to better suggest products, we hope that one day users may not need to search or browse products at all, rather simply find all his/her needs within the suggestions page.

Location Finder

This feature is mostly for our first-time users. we made it easy to find your exact building or street name by sharing with us your GPS Location. of course if users wish not to share their GPS location. They may use manual address registration.


If you would like to suggest any new feature, feel free to email us at support@kart-on.info or chat with us on our Facebook page



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