5 International Dishes Ideas for your next Ramadan Iftar


This Ramadan, we invite you to try something new for Iftar, here our top 5 international Iftar idea to try out with your friends and family.

1- Thareed Laham (Emirati)


Thareed  is a traditional dish to make when a Muslim is fasting.  It is very common to make Thareed  for Iftar (breaking of the fast) during Ramadan because it is light on the stomach.  It is crispy flatbread layered with a meat soup. It is often mispronounced as “Fareed” but the correct way to say it is Thareed.

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2-Aseeda (Sudanese)


Aseeda, a well-known Sudanese dish that heavily presents in Sudanese Iftar meal. Usually, it serves with many different types of topping.  You can think about it as jelly bread which tests more sour and softer in texture.

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3- Chicken Tikka Masala(Indian)

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A tomato and coriander sauce is common, but no recipe for chicken tikka masala is standard; a survey found that of 48 different recipes, the only common ingredient was chicken The sauce usually includes tomatoes (frequently as purée), cream, coconut cream, and spices.

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4- Moqueca (Brazilian)


This fish stew, called moqueca in Portuguese, couldn’t be more Brazilian, although it has an international appeal that is hard to resist. Moqueca is originally from the state of Bahia, and there are many versions: fish, shrimp, or crab are the most popular.
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5- Mushroom Risotto (Italy)

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A plateful of buttery risotto with the goodness of mushrooms. Great to feed a hungry horde!

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Kart-on wishes you a happy Iftar & Ramadan Kareem 😉


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